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When documentarian Nick Isenberg became blind he had to figure out a way to still shoot video of 101-year-old-turning 102 skier Julian Vogt before the snow melted.
This shows the dynamite life of Julian Vogt and what Nick had to do to be able to shoot the video.

Are you Easy to $pend Money With?
Most businesses, organizations and non-profits go out of their way to be hard to spend money with. Nick Isenberg shows how easy it is to learn to be Easy To $pend Money With and to sell you ideas.

What to look for when dating someone who has been in prison."> >
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"Watch how
people who are courting you
treat other people
–Because that's how they will ultimately treat you."
Nick Isenberg

The Cross
on Mt Everest


“Nick Isenberg isn’t like most reporters. He has a special sense for knowing what’s important to people, and he not only reports on problems—he finds solutions.”
Ken Barker, Former Photographer

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